2021 / 2022 / 2023

A Year in Colours is a project that I started on the 1st of January and finished on the 31st of December 2021.

A series of studies for every day of the year inspired by the practices of forecasting called “Cabañuelas” explores the connection with time and climate. By observing changes of colour and light, dependent on the time of the day, compositions are created using “stream-of-consciousness” that convey personal reflections. 

The data was collected through the whole year, chronologically, by dividing it into 365, 24 and 60 segments, and by months and put together as a whole piece. 

This work explains day by day how I am interacting with my home surroundings especially during the lockdown.

Apart from the extensive colour observation of each day, the final piece has a series of works made daily that would be pair with the colours that correspond to each day. As a way to connect the elements with my personal response to the time being. 

Daily work is posted on its respective date on Instagram. Follow @ayearincolours