‘Perceptions’ was curated by Loosen Art, as part of an International Group Exhibition showcased in the Month of Photography in Rome in 2019.


Author Silvia Colombo \ Posted on March 21 2019
Loosen Art Magazine

How many interpretations can one give about life, nature, art? Should we consider our point of view as univocal and unchangeable? Is it possible describing something as universally fascinating or repulsive?

Whether we discuss about a singular “perception” or multiple “perceptions”, we refer to terms and conditions which are always ephemeral, subjective and therefore undefinable. It is extremely difficult labelling something (e.g. an object, an event, a particular behaviour, or a work of art) once dealing with senses, experiences and flows of private thoughts and ideas. Not to mention that other external factors, such as context, culture, politics, education and gender definitely impact on what we truly see, what we expect to see and what we understand. Perceiving is a long and rather complicated process based on a double dynamic of giving-andreceiving ʼ: on one side there is a (voluntary as well as involuntary) producer sending the message, on the other side lies a beneficiary that processes and elaborates it.

Those dynamics are also applicable to the artistic field, where creators insist and play around the boundaries of perception. In this regard, Optical, Kinetic and Programmed Art are just some of the exemplifying movements we can recall. Between the Sixties and the Seventies, they began to produce moving objects (Calderʼs mobiles), coloured geometric figures (Victor Vasarelyʼs compositions) and interactive environments (Gianni Colombo’s environments) with the intention to disorient and confuse their public. The results weren’t
just something to contemplate but also surfaces and tridimensional spaces one could relate to.

Nowadays, despite several changes in terms of context and points of reference, those dynamics can still be considered as compelling and effective. Glaring proof of that is the group exhibition “Perceptions” (1st – 31st March 2019), organised at the space Millepiani in Rome, where the artists show their way to see the world through pictures and digital works. Here, every shot, every framing, every technique – from blurring to transparency, from pixelation to photo retouching – reveals a precise choice determined by internal or external sources. Movement and stillness, joyful or painful memories, light and shadow lead the way shaping interesting compositions and guiding our gaze towards different directions.

For some of the artists, perception is what we can see from a bedroom’s window, a layered image where several details are clearly recognisable, one on top of the other. According to some others, perception arouses subtle boundaries between contrasting elements and they are so slightly perceptible that separating truth from lies is nearly impossible. Lastly, perception is also something we feel when we live and experience life through artistic expressions.