‘Textural Codes’ was an exhibition of Latin American art exploring linguistic form, signs, movement and time. The show featured the work of SofĂ­a Clausse, Carmen Mariscal, Francisca Sosa LĂłpez and myself. 

The exhibition was curated by Daniela Galán, assisted by Jane Soliman and held at The Koppel Project in Piccadilly between 23 October – 10 November 2020.

The exhibition was organised by Amalgama Art a London-based cultural programme that is devoted to exhibiting, promoting and championing the work of women artists from Latin America, Spain and Portugal: Ibero-America. Their aim is to challenge current gender disparities in the art world, through group and solo exhibitions, publications and a public programme of workshops and talks to increase visibility.

In the curator’s words: “ Camila Quintero’s works examine the correlation between the passing of time and the act of image-making, whether with words or forms. Words that become pure signifiers without denoting anything in particular; and in contrast, forms that portray pure significance. In creating her own words, tools and systems … Quintero’s exploration of geometrical shapes challenges

Lessing’s assumption of the static nature of the image allowing a narrative to evolve through her juxtaposition of form and colour.

You can read more about this exhibition on the Amalgama’s website at www.artamalgama.com.