A Technicolour Odyssey”, was a collaboration with Selfridges as part of a campaign curated for the launching of Pat McGrath Labs in 2019. A series of paintings, prints and a  sculpture were on display in the shop windows of the world-famous store between April 2019 and July 2019. As a recent graduate, I was incredibly proud to be selected to participate in this collaboration and the display highlighted the aesthetic traits and beauty of abstract geometry and colour presented in different mediums to facilitate a dialogue from art and design.

The pieces which included 5 paintings (one facing the interior of the store), a sculpture and 3 digital prints took up a prominent position in 3 window fronts of the store and formed part of a celebration of colour.

Colour can bring enormous advantages to our lives as a way to express ourselves. The window display had a great impact thanks to the brightness, the materials and the works selected for this incredible collaboration. The inspiration for this work is not only colour but the way we apply it in our lives and the interaction we have with nature and our surroundings and in this particular case the relation we have with the world of design and art. ”.


As a recent graduate from UAL Camberwell College of Arts, I was approached by Selfridges and asked to exhibit in store after being spotted on Instagram by the creative team.

The design of each window reflects a visual continuity of the works, taking on a different narrative based on the technique and medium used. 

Details and specification were meticulously considered for each window in relation to the artwork and space.

The work was on display until 3rd July of 2019.