The life of a day is a series of abstract works that reflect our visual perception in connection with the environment. It is a narration of the stages of a day, but not necessarily a single day but the time fragmented on what could be any day specifically in relation with the stages of life and our relationship with the elements.

It explores the emotional response that we have of our surroundings, on different moments of the day, on different days, unified by time. The hours are a way to connect them in a single structure using colours and shapes. The series of works intended to make the viewer connect on a personal level with their surroundings. It is open to interpretation based on environmental psychology and the effect that this has on us. These series are also based on abstract perception and the relationship with time and space exploring a visual language that implies connectivity with the viewer. The pieces aim to explore using basic elements of design to evoke curiosity and a sense of spatial discovery. My influences are pioneers of the twentieth century including those who were part of the Bauhaus, surrealism, cubism and constructivism.

I have established a way to work with abstract geometry by using both fluid and controlled automatism as a means to create compositions. Not only the effect of colour, shapes, light and materials are key elements of my work but also the subtle use of semiotics and photography are part of the development of these playful and multidimensional compositions that evoke a sense of inaccurate spatiality and surrealism.

Deconstruction and optical distortion are also recurrent throughout my work and refer to the response of the perceptual connection we have with our surroundings and the effect that this has on us on a personal level.

Works on these series have been selected to be part of the UAL Collection 2018, have been exhibited in the windows of Selfridges as part a collaboration project, featured in Aesthetica Magazine and have been exhibited in venues and galleries including Flock, Loosen Art, The Old Bank Vault, ArtiQ graduate prize, UAL Chelsea College of Arts and others.