Picturing the Invisible – the pop-up exhibition, responded to the ideas behind the related research network. 

The curator of the show, Abbi Fletcher, investigated the contemporary and historical contexts of art and science and provided the artists with a platform to express their own ‘unknown’ in exploring themes of discovery in research, production and practice. Abbi invited the audience to investigate the manifold ways by which artists deal with forms and concepts that are otherwise familiar with renewed appearances and meanings.

Picturing The Invisible_1570
Picturing The Invisible

Drawing on current and historic artistic practices, as well as a range of scientific fields, each artist addressed their process of inquiry, investigation and discovery when confronted with ambiguous subject matter – be that social constructs, cultural phenomena or lived experience.

Several artists featured in the exhibition brought into light the complexities of the everyday objects we interact with. ‘Picturing the Invisible’ invited the viewer to experience the ways in which artists question and unpack the forms and concepts that exist among the every day, and how the shifting boundary between what we know and don’t know can be brought to the surface for interrogation. The need to address the vast over-consumption of the world’s resources has never been more urgent, and this exhibition confronts the intersection between artistic and curatorial production, the importance of artistic expression in a time of global uncertainty, and the realities of sustainable practice.

Curated by Abbi Fletcher 

Text from UAL website